Our History

2023In its 20th year, ICYD becomes one of the first junior competitions to return to in-person debating.

2020With the Covid Pandemic, the ICYD adapts and goes online.

2008From this year, the system of alternation between the Cambridge and Oxford Union societies was made permanent.

2007 – The Cambridge Union hosted the competition for the first time, ICYD spreads across the world.

2006 – University College Dublin hosted an Irish round to make the competition a truly international event. At this point the National Competition for Young Debaters (NCYD) became the International Competition for Young Debaters (ICYD)

2005 – St. Andrews became the first Scottish University to join the regional rounds. Finals’ Day was held at Birmingham University.

2004 – The National Competition for Young Debaters was formed: the inaugural event was organised by Oxford, and regional rounds were also held at Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, and Durham.

2003 – The Oxford Union held a one day competition for under fifteens which proved that junior debaters had just as much enthusiasm as their senior counterparts.