ICYD 2024

The International Competition for Young Debaters

Welcome to ICYD. Established in 2003, ICYD has grown to become the world's largest BP format junior debating competition. ICYD is a unique opportunity for students in year 10 and below to participate in high-level debates against their peers from all around the world.


ICYD (International Competition for Young Debaters) is an annual debating competition in the British Parliamentary Format that was set up to encourage younger students to take up debating and to give them a chance to debate against students of their own age, with motions more suited to them. While a prestigious title to gain in itself, our aim is that, having competed in ICYD, students and schools will be more confident when entering senior competitions such as the Oxford Schools or the Cambridge Schools.

As such, ICYD caters to a wide range of debating abilities, from beginner to advanced. We use 'power-pairing' in our rounds to ensure that students get to debate against others of a similar level.

The hosting of the tournament alternates between the famed Oxford and Cambridge Union Societies, and we are happy to announce that for the 21st edition of ICYD, in 2024, it is Oxford's turn once more.

ICYD 2023 has concluded.

The International Champions of ICYD 2023 were team 'NMS HA' from NMS school in India. The best speaker at the International Finals was a debater from the City of London School, England. Congratulations to all who reached the Grand Finals, and thank you to all those participated.

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